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This interview-styled format brings in a guest selected for their unique perspective and covers a wide range of topics and interests throughout the season.

Painting The World Podcast

Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

Season 01

Episode 01 is set to release in June 2023 with my first guest, Michael Elenko. Look for all the released Season 01 episode links here. You …
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About Painting The World

Inspiring Stories and Relatable Visions Highlight the Podcast Content

Listeners will hear impactful, thought-provoking discussions around topics such as art, mental health, faith, humanity, and future global prospects, with more to be added.

If you’ve got suggestions, questions for the guests, or a shout-out to pass on, then send an email to [email protected] or (206) ...


Episodes are presented in two segments. In the first segment, guests frame their unique story, inviting listeners to share how their experiences thread through to the second segment for their vision, in which they are given a figurative paintbrush to go “Painting The World.” Through their encouraging vision, ...

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