S1:E1 Painting The World With Michael Elenko

Last updated on 11/01/2022

In the opening episode premiering in February 2023, I introduce my first guest, Michael Elenko. Michael shares his story and vision around photography and photographic arts as a medium. He recalls and articulates interesting facts around groundbreaking advances in the medium and offers an inspiring vision for those who appreciate or are considering their own path into photographic arts.

Michael’s biography:

Michael has managed to balance dual careers, as a photographer and as a professional analyst and project manager. Photography has been Michael’s second language for many decades, working in photojournalism, corporate, advertising, and youth sports realms. For the past five years, Michael has focused on exhibiting photographic artwork in fine galleries across the United States and consulting with other artists. In 2021 Michael served as a portfolio artist for the Midwest Center for Photography. In October 2022, Michael’s artwork was exhibited in galleries in Chicago and Columbia, South Carolina.

His website is Digital To Go. Framed, signed prints can be purchased at Handmade on Vashon 

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