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Randal Bird

Hello, I am Randal Bird, and am the host of Painting The World Podcast and owner of Painting The World LLC.

I had no idea I was going to be called to start a podcast. Truth be told, I have never listened to a podcast so this idea being put in my head that I should start one, now, seemed quite odd. But I am a person who is both curious and able for a challenge like this one, so took this calling to mean that I was following what I was meant to do. I have been retired for over a year from my professional career in project and program management, so the interaction and leadership requirements were already wired in and had prepared me in that regard. I did not see this as "giving me something to do", as I have a pretty full plate in my life, and keep respectable margin to not try and live like I did when I was in the workforce full time. I do like my down time and play time! I am amenable for thoughtful engagement where an endeavor like this might need a bit of "polish" or constructive feedback. Not being of the prototypical podcast realm, this is an exclusively unfiltered and largely intuitive-driven effort.

My heart was driven from the inside on an inspiration to connect all people, who share this world together, coming from the belief that we can sit together for a time and remember our humanity, with respect for every person's dignity. When you hear these guests, you are sharing in the story of each guest, and their vision connected to their story. Their only instruction was to ensure there was a message of "painting the world" for the benefit of us all.

I truly hope you find that each episode is worthy of your time, and I thank you for your visit. It is for you that this has been created, for you to find hopefulness. 


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